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"I was diagnosed with medical conditions that made me feel like my life had ended because I know that there's no cure. I did some research, found Ovira, took the plunge and purchased their period cramp relief device. And it was amazing. I can't even put into words how amazing it was."


"I get pain during my period. When I get pain from these I start with my Ovira period pain relief device to try and limit the pain I get. It’s one of my most valuable products in my medical box, this little machine is honestly AMAZING. I’m obsessed."


“I have horrible period pain and was on 3 different pain meds just so I could work through my cycle. After trying the Ovira period pain relief device, this was the first cycle I’ve had since 2016 where I haven’t been bedridden or propped up on a cocktail of meds.”


"I suffer from certain medical conditions. I found Ovira's period pain relief device and it immediately stopped all pains. I was able to cook myself dinner, clean my house and enjoy a movie on my couch for the first time EVER in my life."


"Mid last year my medical condition got so bad that I couldn't walk or stand up straight. I received Ovira's period pain relief device a few weeks ago and it's been AMAZING! I'm so so grateful to have this little miracle in a box. The only regret I have is not trying it sooner!"

Proven effective by tens 
of thousands of users.

  • 98.3% of users saw a decrease in pain within 30 minutes of using our period cramp relief device.
  • 92.7% of users no longer rely on painkillers after using our period cramp relief device.