Welcome to
a new period.

We grit our teeth, bury our faces in our pillows, roll up our sleeves, and get on with it.

And we’ve had enough.

What if instead of dreading that time of the month, we simply made things easier? Wild idea, huh? Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

It’s time to go against the flow.

It starts with us.

We know what products our bodies need; what they’ve always needed.

Science has now made this possible.

A founder who’s been there

Meet Alice. She suffered years of debilitating period pain - blackouts, vomiting, days in bed. Every damn month. Nothing helped: painkillers, contraceptive pills, hot water bottles, hours of mindfulness.

You name it, she tried it.

A pain point. Or more accurately, millions of pain points.

Living in pain doesn’t start and end with 3-7 days of bleeding; it impacts school, work, relationships, confidence. And while so many of us experience it, it’s a pretty isolating experience.

A solution. It’s a good one.

The healthcare industry doesn't have a great track record of making reproductive health a priority. So we’re taking matters into our own hands (and ovaries). Starting with our drug-free and instant period cramp relief deivce using pulse therapy.

All natural

Instant relief

Clinically tested

No side effects

12-hours battery life

Health cover

2 years warranty