Sticky Gel Replacements

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Sticky Gel Replacements

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Stock up on Sticky Gels so your period cramp relief device is always giving the most effective relief.

You can buy your Sticky Gel Replacements in 3 handy sizes - 6 pack, 12 pack or 24 pack.

Sticky Gel Replacements may be covered by private health insurance.

Please check with your provider and if you have any questions, reach out to us on 💛

Three easy steps to relief.

1. Peel off

Peel off your old, not so Sticky Gels from your Love Handle Pads.

2. Stick on

Whip out your fresh new Sticky Gels, peel off the clear liner and stick your new gels onto your Love Handle Pads. Press together firmly to secure.

3. Sweet relief

Remove the orange liner, place your sticky new Love Handles on your tummy or back and enjoy a new found relief.

Got questions? 
We’ve got answers.

We recommend placing the Love Handles on two general areas:

  • Lower abdomen (and vicinity of your groin)
  • Lower back

Sticky Gels may be reused until the stickiness is lost. We estimate that each set will last you approximately 2-3 uses when used, stored and cared for properly.

The Sticky Gels are made of medical-grade hydrogel. Sticky Gel ingredients include:

  • Cross-linked acrylic resin
  • Polyhydric alcohol
  • Electrolytic salt
  • Additives (stabiliser etc.)
  • De-ionised water
  • A little bit of magic (joking!)